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Tribal football- Football in the locals of the world

Football is a global sport and its followed everywhere across the globe. This popularity the game has have made it what everyone want to associate with. The game has now become everyone’s game, regardless of where you come from. Football which originated from England as a sport has now become tribal football, which every culture have adopted.

Tribal football is what earlier known was played in the South American countries and African countries before it became a global sport and its being regularized by a body called FIFA. The general acceptability of the game have reduce the effect of tribal football in the remote areas of the underdeveloped countries.

Countries like China and other Asian countries where football has not been that dominate, tribal football are very much in existence in the streets. The 2008 Beijing Olympics also gave another optics about the country and it preparedness to adopt football as their favorite sport. That is why it has translated in massive investment in the country in the last few years.

Top players in Europe elite leagues leave their clubs to join Chinese super league clubs, not just because the pay is good, but because the system there is welcoming to foreigners who are interested in helping them make their football known like the great European countries.

Apart from China where tribal football is still common, other developing nations in Africa are having similar cases too. Despite the game of soccer being a generally accepted and followed sport in practically all African nations, their active participation in the game at the top level is still minimal. Many of these countries can’t boost of a steady league. Their national teams depend on players based abroad to make the core of their national team.

If tribal football is taken seriously and well monitored, these nations will be able to rival the European nations as they have the talent to get to the top level. What is majorly missed in the countries is proper organization and documentation. The kind of system the European put in place encourage young kids to go into the game but this is not seen at most African nation.

One major thing tribal football has to deal with is the level of corruption and opaqueness in these nations football. At grassroot level, there should be a level of openness as to how things are being done. It is not expected that at under aged competitions, many players are found guilty of offenses like age forgery, coaches involved in bribe scandals, administrative members involve in corruption scandals. These things draw back the development of the game.

What tribal football set out to achieve is the opportunity to give players in the grassroot a very good chance of making it to the top of the game. This will improve the standard of living in their community as the level of poverty in these areas are beyond what a single project can’t solve.

In a s situation whereby three to five players in a remote village make it to the top flight in Europe, they open way for more scouts to come look for players in such areas and invariably, increases the chances of turning the fortune of those in the community for good.



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