Types of soccer kicks

7 Types of Soccer kicks or shot

In soccer, to have impactful and meaningful contribution to the game, you have to be able to score a goal. To do this, you have to know the type of soccer kicks or shot.

This is why it’s so important for players to learn type of soccer kicks or shot early in their career. Learning how to play shot is however not something difficult to do, but learning the different types of soccer kicks  is where the work is. Many soccer players rely on a type of shot that has dominated the whole game.

For a newbie to be able to go far in the game, he has to learn the seven types of soccer kicks. This will put him miles ahead of his pairs in the game. That is why we are here to educate them on these 7 types of soccer shots.

Obviously, for anyone that want to learn all the 7 types of soccer shots, he must be able to kick the ball effortlessly. Or better still learn how to kick the ball first before proceeding to learn the types of soccer ball. So, it’s important to know how to kick a soccer ball before you continue with this lesson.

Like earlier stated, there are several types of soccer kicks, but we will be focusing on the 7 types of soccer shots that’s most important in the game at the moment. With this 7, anyone will be able to score a good goal in soccer.

Standard soccer kick

This is the type of shot that is predominantly seen among soccer players. For every player you see kicking the ball, he must be using the standard shot which might not necessarily need too much learning.

All that has to be done to be able to shot the ball like this is to come across the ball at a slight angle and hit the ball with the part of the foot very close to the big toe. This gives the ball a heavy effect which will allow it travel a distance.

Straight kicks

In soccer, there are situations whereby the body positioning is only allowed to shot the ball at a particular way. One of such situations is where straight shot is needed. When the player is directly in front of goal and he has to hit the ball at 180 degree to get the needed result, straight shot becomes the most useful type in the 7 types of soccer shots. To make a straight shot, the face of the lace of the boot is used to hit the ball and it travel straight at the targeted direction.

Inside shot

Like is sounds requires using the inside of the foot to acquire the needed result. It however requires excellent accuracy and the shot has to be well hit, with enough power.

The other types of shots like the chip, bending, outside and toe shots are also very good types of shot that have their specific uniqueness and when to be used. Chip is better when it’s the striker alone against the keeper.

The bending shot is better when a free kick is about to be taken over a wall and it needs to go through this wall. This need a very good free kick taker to make it happen. The outside shot is taken from a distance while the toe shot is done with the big thumb of the leg hitting a better part of the ball.

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