Roman Abrahamovic

Chelsea to have the most trying time since Roman Abrahamovic’s take over at the club

In 2003 when Roman Abrahamovic bought Chelsea, the aim were pretty obvious, turn them to a power house in England and Europe. This is from a club that have not won the premier league in decades. Taking over such club was never going to be a smooth ride. However, the Russian billionaire’s arrival at the London club changed things faster than ever before in English football.

He initiated a new era of foreign investors in football that bankroll clubs to success. This worked wonders as the Stanford Bridge club won back to back league titles in 2005 and 2006, with Jose Mourinho as manager.

Chelsea were bamboozling every club in the transfer market. Hijacking deals almost done and signing the best players available in the market at higher prices. This brought instant success for the club and also made them more prominent across the world. Fast forward to 2018, Chelsea are about to be cowed into selling their goalkeeper to another European giant. They also in the middle of a new contract war with their star player, Eden Hazard. Things doesn’t just look like they use to be in the early days of Roman Abrahamovic.

The basic reason for this is that system like that are not sustainable on a long term deal. A financiers can’t continue to bank roll a club especially in the era of Financial Fair Play, FFP, in football. The juicy TV deals clubs across the league now get gives almost all the top six clubs opportunity to shop for the players they want and not lament about funds. This has placed Chelsea in a position where they have to run like every other club and monitor their finances.

This prompted the arrival of Maurizio Sarri, a manager that is known for his playing style dubbed “Sarri Ball”. The aim is to be able to build a team that will have an identity and will be able to go several years for the club, while few additions are added every season.

This system will however take time to be fully implemented. Playing in a particular way most players are not used to is one thing that takes time to be ingrained in the players. Manchester City also had the same issue with players adapting to Guadiola’s tactics, but when they did, it worked like fire. The problem is will Chelsea be willing to have that patience with a manager that is not a serial winner like Sarri. This is going to be a long period of trials for Chelsea fans.

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