Manchester finally Blue after City derby win?

Manchester United have been known over the years as the team that control the city of Manchester in terms of football dominance. This assertion started to change when Abu Dhabi owners bought Manchester City in 2008 and injected millions into the club.

This has made Manchester City to be able to compete favourably with their city rivals, United. In recent time, the competition has even be much more tougher with City having the edge.

After the arrival of Pep Guadiola at City and Jose Mourinho at United last season, the city of Manchester have finally gotten the two most sort after managers in the game. This made the derby another feisty one to watch. Last season saw City winning one and drawing the other in the derby and both teams not winning the league.

City finished in a top four position while United won the Europa league and got into the champions league via that route. This season now seems like the level playing ground in which both managers are in their second season at their respective clubs and has the mandate to deliver the league title.

With United behind on the log and playing at home in the first leg of the Manchester derby, many expected them to have the edge but City show them why they’re the better side.

Going into the match eight points behind City, United knew a defeat will further strengthen City’s title aspirations. With the defeat now, City move eleven points top of United at second. Since the last time United won the league, City will be winning their second league title and have reached the semi finals of the champions league with United best outing within those period being the last 16.

It might be too early to assert any power shift at Manchester but it worth talking about because it might be happening soon.

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