Riyad Mahrez: A player that deserves more

Leicester City own their 2016 league triumph to many factors. One of the factor is the team bonding entrenched by the then manager, Claudio Ranieri. The former Chelsea manager has hadmseveral failures in his managerial career but came to Leicester and turn things around. He however did not do this alone.

It was the incredible ability and form of some key members of the squad like Riyad Mahrez, Ngolo Kante and Jamie Vardy.

Among the three players, Kante moved on to Chelsea after the successful season with the Foxes leaving Mahrez and Vardy. There were offers from Arsenal and Manchester United for Vardy but he decided to extend his contract at Leicester City. Mahrez story is somewhat different from others as he severally wanted a move that was declined by the Foxes management.

At the beginning of this season the 26 year old decides to request for another move that was declined and he has stayed put at the club. The way he has managed to remain professional and keep playing is something that has to be saluted in this age of players revolting.

His first goal of the season finally came against West Brom as he helped his side gain a point away from home. His ability is what you expect to see in players in the top six clubs in England. Requesting for a move out of a club to fulfil your personal ambition at this point in football is not a selfish decision. Players are expected to make move but Leicester have decided to decline.

If he will be staying beyond this season at Leicester, the Foxes have to put up the kind of overwhelming performance similar to that of 2016 campaign which seems unrealistic at this point in time. The best for both parties is letting the Algerian leave.

Leicester will definitely miss him but a very good fee could be agreed with one of the top six in the region of £50m or more which is not a bad price for him. Leicester keeping him will not change their situation right now and the best they could do is let him leave in the winter or next summer.

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