Esterno Valvarde: A very good coach or a Messi dependent coach?

Barcelona now move 14 points ahead of Real Madrid in the La Liga title race this season. The Catalan club have been in an incredible form this season that they have been dispatching all their opponents with ease. Real Madrid became the latest culprit after the current La Liga champion lost 3-0 at home all thanks to Lionel Messi’s brace.

This has been a complete turnaround season for Barcelona after their disastrous start to the campaign when they met Real Madrid in the Spanish super cup in the first game of the season.

It was at that point many never saw that Barca could have a complete opposite of what they had in that first game of the season and Real will now become that team that has the Barcelona-season. It was at this point the talk of Barcelona new coach bringing something new to the club came up.

Barcelona success so far this season can be attributed to how Valvarde has set up his team to play, compact, and more cautious.

This has made him more reliant on how his defenders fare in games and made sure he has a good game starting from the back. With that game plan, Barcelona have been able to concede less. This however has not been the reasons Barca have been pumping in the goals.

That is completely due to Messi’s imperious form in the league this season. Whatever attacking that goes down is initiated by Messi. As much as Barca has been decent at the back the numbers of Messi this season is a factor to whatever
Valvarde is building. Both have made the work simplified but Valvarde is hardly praised by Barca fans.

The argument is that all Barca coach Messi has played under have won with him except for Tata Martino and in fact, that season, Messi was injured for majority of it. So the talk of Messi being Barca is not far fetch.

It will be utter nonsense however to discredit the great work Valvarde is doing in making sure Barca plays differently and this had helped the team. This also will not discredit the fact that with Messi, anything is possible.

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