Is it time for Real to let Ronaldo go?

Since Ronaldo has joined Real Madrid from Manchester United for a record fee of £80m, the Portuguese has been the talisman for the Bernabeu fans. He has led the team to winning several titles which include two La Liga, three Copa del Rey and three champions league.

He has scored goals that have been magnificent that has change the lanscape of their season. He has been instrumental in all the success Real have built since 2009. Ronaldo now 32, seems to have pass his prime and has remodelled his game.

The 32 year old have recently suffered a deep in form and has not been able to impact game like he used to in time past. After his performance in the Classico over the weekend, many have called on Real Madrid to move from a Cristiano Ronaldo dependent team to a team that plays collective football and share all the duties. This is as a result of the fact that whenever he is not playing well, Real struggle to score.

It was obvious in the just gone Classico. Ronaldo missed a sitter in the first half of the game before Barcelona finally came into the game in the second half and score three unreplied goals.

The argument of many Ronaldo critic is that, his presence in the team makes the team play towards his direction which make them one directional. If he eventually leaves, the whole squad will play together well again. Their point was backed by the fact that at this point in time, he his not giving his best anymore to the club.

This might not be completely true but the fact remains, Real need Ronaldo as much as he needs them to maintain the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry. If he will be allowed to leave, a new central figure has to be gotten and that is what Real don't have now. What ever decision the club takes on the future of Ronaldo, both parties will know they have done their bit in achieving all they have had during their time together.

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